2022 Annual International Conference on Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures for Artificial Intelligence

The 13th Annual Meeting of the BICA Society (BICA*AI 2022), Guadalajara, Mexico, hold on September 22-25.

Conference program

Posters and Pre-Recorded Talks


Room Link
A https://hubs.mozilla.com/LboQ3EU
B https://hubs.mozilla.com/XWLkemn
C https://hubs.mozilla.com/2sfQUhV
D https://hubs.mozilla.com/HHucNfL
E https://hubs.mozilla.com/MTUSMV2L
F https://hubs.mozilla.com/7cjjBFt
G https://hubs.mozilla.com/4TArZjw
H https://hubs.mozilla.com/q7k9zv4
I https://hubs.mozilla.com/fgNKP4f
J https://hubs.mozilla.com/n57NYx2

Live now

Youtube channel for following the talks of BICA*AI 2022


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